Friday, December 18, 2009

Lucy Liu is an Alien from Planet Gorgeous

Holy crap! It's a Lucy Liu sighting! Lovely since I haven't seen the actress in what feels like ages. I don't know how you guys feel about Lucy, but I adore her. She's such a strong, intimidating, drop dead gorgeous yet down to Earth lady, and I *usually* love her fashion sense. Case in point, Lucy was spotted at the Museum of Chinese in America 30th Anniversary Gala in New York yesterday in an incredible Moschino Cheap & Chic dress with a mock pearl necklace paired with a pair of black YSL Tribute Heels. And did you guys catch anything else? Perhaps a red Kabbalah bracelet on her left wrist? Could Lucy be joining her friend Demi Moore in the mystical Hebrew religion, or is it just a multicultural nod of respect? I'm not sure but one thing I do know is how devoted Lucy is to making sure Asian Americans get the adequate amount of exposure in the world of entertainment and makes good on causes that affect her personally. Back in 2007 the Charlie's Angels star hosted an MTV documentary for the MTV EXIT campaign, produced to raise awareness of human trafficking in Asia. Early in 2006, Liu received an "Asian Excellence Award" for Visibility, since she is considered the most well-known and visible Asian American in the media today. She is also the first Asian American woman to host Saturday Night Live. In the past LL Cool Liu has said about her background, "when you grow up Asian-American it’s difficult because you don’t know if you’re Asian or you’re American. You get confused... You need to recognize where your background is from. I think it’s important. Just for yourself. It makes you more whole. It does."
Up next for Lucy are a few voice-over projects such as the Kung Fu Panda sequel and a new Tinkerbell movie as well as two regular films including the drama "Nomads" and "Beautiful Asian Brides"-something Lucy will certainly be should she ever decide to marry longtime boyfriend Zach Helm!


Keith said...

I think she's gorgeous. She's definitely a woman I've got a thing for. It's cool to see some new photos of her. I haven't seen her around in awhile.

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