Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mrs. M's Top 9 Thingies and Stuff of 2009

The last few hours of 2009 are upon us, so that could only mean one thing: time to take a look back at some of the things I was most obsessed with this year at Slacker Chic. For better or for worse, these people/stories/scenarios really got my juices flowing, making this one of the most memorable years eva. So smoke 'em if you got 'em, remember 'em if you can and by all means, don't forget to share what you were obsessed with in '09. (P.S. Kristen Stewart's "glass shaped cigarrette" didn't make the list, but she did! And don't forget to click on the dates to read the original stories.)
Number NINE: Saturday Morning, with Dita Von Teese
Date of Obsession:
December 5

Number EIGHT: SnowMerryKate
Date of Obsession:
November 18

Number SEVEN: Adam Lambert being a Hot ass SexSexual
Date of Obsession:
October 18

Number SIX: Telling Lindsay Lohan to shut her legs/get a job/gain weight/go away/get tested/take a bath/dye her hair/stop tanning/take her fingers out of her mouth/STFU/put on pants
Date of Obsession:
June 16

Number FIVE: Opie from Sons of Anarchy/Beards
Date of Obsession: Beards-Always, Opie-
September 8

Number FOUR: Kristen Stewart is a Bitch...and I Love It.
Date of Obsession:
August 20

Number THREE: Freddie Mercury
Date of Obsession: July 23

Number TWO: Tom Waits
Date of Obsession: September

Number ONE: Amber Rose
Date of Obsession:
March 2, 2009

Tell me kids, what moments/people were most memorable for you this year?


Senorita Fashionista said...

OMG, got to love that unedited image of Lindsay! You have great taste. I especially love all of your posts of Kristen Stewart and Amber Rose. Happy New Year M!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Excellent list. I think you pretty much nailed it for the year. Lol. Have a happy new year, doll! xoxo

Lady Mel said...

I hope in 2010 we dont have to hear about Lindsay Lohan anymore... :( lmao

D.G.Variya said...

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