Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nicky Hilton is a Hep Cat with Style to Spare

There are a lot of celebs whose style I envy, but none so much as Nicky Hilton. Indeed if I could choose just one person whose closet I could raid with recklace abandon, it would have to be the other, less annoying of the Hilton sisters. What Nicky lacks in the "wow" factor she more than makes up for in chicness. Her affinity for leather, neutral tones and well fitted, tailored pieces is part of what makes her appear timeless but still of the moment. Her style is edgy, but not overboard. Masculine, but with a feminine twist. Basic, yet updated. I always look forward to seeing what she's going to rock on the red carpet, as she rarely takes one wrong style step. This week in particular has been a busy one for Nicky, thus providing us with three awesome outfits to admire. The first (and my favorite of the three) is a black and tan getup she wore to Kitson's Fraggle Rock Party on the 9th. The second is a hot black and white strapless dress she wore to the Friends Without A Border Gala Benefit held at The Roosevelt Hotel in CA Thursday. The third and final look is a lux casual outfit complete with a leopard print fur jacket and Chanel bag. Very boogie.
However while everything on the fashion front has been aces for Nicky, things on the homefront could certainly be brighter. Tuesday afternoon police were called to the designer's L.A. home to investigate a burglary. Sources say the thieves took away Nicky's laptop and Lalique crystal collection. Yeah, that's right. They stole the crystal collection but evidently bypassed her orgasmic closet. Clearly whoever did this was not a fashion fan. If it had been me, police would have found me in her closet rolling around in a bunch of dresses, my legs tangled in purse strings with Hermes scarves around my arms and neck screaming "You'll never make me leave! This is my home now! This is my hooooome!!!!" What the hell would someone want with Nicky's laptop when they can grab a closet full of Louboutins?!? Criminals today. Honestly.


Keith said...

I think she's fantastic. She's the Hilton sister I love.

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