Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Olivia Palermo is the Most Stylish Mannequin Ever

You guys, I am so conflicted right now. On one hand, I am having a majah fashion orgasm over this ensemble that Olivia Palermo threw together for the New York screening of "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". On the other hand, part of me (the part with the brain and soul) cannot justify saying one positive thing about anyone and everyone that has been on The Hills. Then again, who needs pesky things like souls and brains when you have clothes and fashion?!? Dare I say no one?!? I think I dare!
And just in case you are sweating Olivia's style but don't have to have a Balmain budget to rock this look, neverfear. Forever 21 has a similar
military inspired jacket as does Etsy, while you can find some great faux fur pieces like the one Olivia is holding over at TopShop.
Of course similar snakeskin bags are even easier to find, with a lot of great, quality brands being sold at a fraction of what Olivia paid for her delicious Carlos Falchi clutch. In fact, I would recommend snagging one of the bags by
Lucia Bella or This one from Ebay. Then again if you're super committed you could always track Olivia down, catch her off guard and ask her what the square root of 16 is. While she's busy figuring out that mindblowing equation (I'd give her about four hours or so), you can snatch the bag and run to safety. Besides, even if she does chase after you, how fast can possibly run? Homegirl looks like she barely has the energy to stand let alone cross the street. In fact, I'm wondering-has anyone checked on her pulse lately to make sure she's actually alive? Maybe thrown a mirror under her nose? She's definitely giving me a Weekend at Bernie's kind of vibe.



I love the clutch!


MrJeffery said...

yea the clutch makes the whole ensemble!

Carsi said...

on The City she claimed to be a huge hip-hop fan and didn't even know A Tribe Called Quest :-/

lorenabr said...

fab clutch:)

CLM said...

wowww !! love your blog!
I am your newest follower :)
keep it up, ill be back :)
xoxo - carly.

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Fashion Wh0re said...

I like her and that clutch is cute ;)

Pia said...

you're so funny! and i have the same conflict everytime i watch the City. i only watch to see what the girls wear. oh, but i love joe zee :D

Miss_Scarlett said...

hhaha i like this girl's style but it's true that ever since she has appeared in that show, i suddenly have a less opionion about her.

ive been away on a trip so i'm going to check out what i've missed here, big kiss girl!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look, if a bit wax-like!


Keith said...

She does look like a mannequin standing there. I do like what she's wearing.

Nathalie said...

thanks so much for your visit. The outfit is gorgeous. It really is!
And I love you blog header, the picture is marvellous.

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