Friday, December 18, 2009

Paul Walker Models Men's Fashion for GQ

Speaking of people we haven't seen in about five minutes, here's a little Paul Walker! Now most of you might love his ass because of his run in "The Fast and the Furious" and that crappy Jessica Alba movie about treasures of the sea and hot people in bathing suits, but I actually didn't really like PWal until I saw "Running Scared". Now that was a great movie! (And also something you might want to throw in your Netflix queque if you haven't seen it. Very suspenseful!) And, much like in that film, the actor is actually wearing clothes in this spread for GQ. Now I know that might be bad news for some of you, but I figured as frequently as I post about female style, it's probably about time I threw a little man fashion your way (or "Mashion", as I affectionately like to call it). So here's a little PWal looking suave as all get out in the latest issue of GQ. Just look at him giving the in the distance side stare like he's on the Helmut Lang runway. Tyson Beckford better look the hell out, because PWal is in the mothereffing house.
Up next for Walker is the crime caper "Takers" and the thriller "Diplomat", both completed and slated for a '10 release.


Keith said...

Great photos of Paul. He looks fantastic here. He is a good looking guy. He's definitely more of a pretty face than a good actor.

MrJeffery said...

horrible actor but HOT

Anonymous said...

he's HOT!

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