Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rachel Weisz is Stunning in the Latest GQ

I only have one complaint about these new pics of Rachel Weisz in the latest issue of GQ, and that's that there aren't enough! 3 measley pictures for the ravishing Rachel? Are you kidding me? I would have gone for 10 pages at least. I mean, who the hell has ever seen a picture of Rachel freakin' Weisz and said "That's enough"? No one. That's who. Instead people say "oh my! What a stunning subject. Her eyes are so expressive. Let us see more." So boo, GQ! Boo! You should know better. Rachel Weisz is not an appetizer. She's a main course.

Anyway here are the three measley pictures of The Brothers Bloom actress looking smoking per usual. Not that she needs any help in this department, but doesn't black and white just make everything look so timeless?


Treacle said...

I agree...this is a really fantastic photoset.


fab weekend!

Keith said...

She is definitely stunning. I love her a lot. So beautiful.

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