Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rihanna is a Good Girl Gone Badass for GQ

Ok look-so here's the deal: GQ interviewed Rihanna for their January issue. Naturally they had to bring up THE INCIDENT throughout the entire freaking interview making it awkward, uncomfortable. and in a stark contrast to their pictorial to say the least. In fact, I can basically sum up the entire thing in about three lines or less:
GQ: Tell us about Chris Brown. And cry, too!
Rihanna: Again? Really? Now I know how Jennifer Aniston feels.
Rihanna's Manager: I swear to God, I am going to shank the next stale bitch that brings this shit up.
Viola! Interview accomplished. If you'd like to hear what Rihanna said about domestic violence you can read the attached article. However I'm not going to rehash it anymore because that's not who Rihanna is. Domestic violence should not define her. Nor should any one incident in our lives define who we are as people. Rihanna is an artist, and there are way more interresting things to learn about her. Besides, who the fuck gives you half nekkid pictures of someone in one breath and then asks them to sob and discuss getting beaten by someone they loved in the next breath? Talk about stupid ass marketing!
Anyway it is with pure innocence and admiration for Rihanna's music and style that I give you these smoking hot pics of the singer in the latest issue of GQ. And I hope that like me you will know that Rihanna is no victim like the media is trying to portray her. She's a strong woman that has accomplished a great deal in her 21 years and if you ask me, THAT'S what she should be known for.


ChicChickory said...

Dear Santa,

I would like Rhianna's skin for Christmas, please...and I don't mean that in a Silence of the Lamb's/Buffalo Bill kinda of way.


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