Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teenage baby You're a Sweet Young Thing, Still Tied to Mommy's Apron Strings...

On one hand, Taylor Momsen is pretty damn stylish. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age (16) with the wicked hoseiry and the Army jacket and the BAB demeanor. On the other hand, Taylor reminds me a lot of myself at that age-pissypots attitude, that air of superiority and being a too-cool-for-school, punk rocker with hormones too big for her britches. There is such an internal struggle that goes on with me when I see her. I either want to hug her and ask where she found those amazing aviators or take off my jacket, cover up her Not-a-Girl-Not-Yet-a-Woman bits and tell all the paps that there's nothing to see here. I mean for God's sake she IS wearing lingerie as clothing. Sure she's got on a shirt but it's only buttoned once. Then again who has time for buttons when you're 16? At that age your list of priorities pretty much reads as such:
1.) Friends
2.) Boys (or sometimes girls)
3.) Clothes
4.) Music
5.) I hate you!
6.) Phone/texting/pony express
7.) Eye rolling
8.) Beeing superior
9.) Boys/girls again
10.) Reading books no one's ever heard of
11.) Still hating you
12.) Buttons
13.) Alex Trebek
Sigh, I just know if I ever have a kid it's going to pop right out looking like Taylor Momsen looks right here while rolling their eyes and declaring that I am sooooo lame. That karma, she's a irony loving bitch.
Anyway here are more of Taylor looking like stylish trouble at New York’s MTV Studios in Times Square yesterday. I swear everytime I see Taylor I hear Wendy O. Williams singing "Jailbait" in my ears.


daisychain said...

It makes me kind of sad to see a young girl act so dress up

Emily said...

I really can't stand her, but I can never figure out why. Of course, I can't stand her character on the show either...

Miss_Scarlett said...

i think she tries too hard and she wears the same her character in gossip girl does? thats not much personality but then again, shes young. i preferred her nice and cute style of last year.

ive posted a new poll in my blog, vote there later ;)

Keith said...

I saw her at Alexa Chung's show on MTV like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

i kind of like her style, but i feel sort of sorry for her too.. it's like she's trying a bit too hard.. anyway, love your blog - following you from now on! ...feel free to follow me back if you have the time to check out (and like) my blog;) xxx


Jo said...

She's the awesomest 16yo I know

Elle Caszatt said...

I really like Taylor Momsen. I like her style and her music, she's a very bright and talented girl.

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