Friday, December 11, 2009

This Post Has Nothing to Do with the Price of Tea in China.

Like most of my fellow bloggers, I get a lot of media related content emailed to me from various fashion publications, PR people, that kind of jazz, noting that they have some cool photos that you, my lovely readers would enjoy. Usually I don't post the content because I like bringing you stuff from the heart that I seek out and find without any agenda. However, the moment I saw this amazng spread called "Nomad's Land" shot in Chinatown by
Tomaas for Push It magazine waiting for me in my inbox, I just knew I had to share. Sure the pics don't feature any big names, but so what? The shots are stunning and the fashion featured is drop dead gorgeous. From Vivienne Westwood to the stylist's own personal pieces to the ah-maze-ing Kill Bill/Asian infused background, this is clearly one of the best fashion editorials I have seen in a while. In fact, I think everything about these pics are perfection, and I do hope you feel the same way.


lorenabr said...

That´s a fab shoot.:) very unique.

Keith said...

I'm glad you did share these with us. They are fantastic photos. I really love them.

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