Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zoe Saldana in Es Muy Sexy for Es Magazine

There have been an awful lot of people who became famous this year-most of which earned their stars and stripes for being utterly useless, talentless, and a giant pain in our asses. Thankfully however that is not the case with one Ms. Zoe Saldana, who proved that a girl could still get noticed on on her ability to carry a Hollywood Blockbuster while delivering tongue-tying Vulcan lingo and ass whoopings galore. Yes, Zoe may not have been my absolute all time favorite thing to come out of this past year, but she was certainly one of them. She's sassy, she's smart, and she drops "F" bombs with reckless abandon. What's not to love? I even adore these pictures of the sultry Saldana for the December issue of Es Magazine. Here's hoping that 2010 brings even more notoriety for the actress. In a world of Heidi Montags and Jon Gosselins, we need the Zoe Saldanas to keep us sane (and sanitary).



Gorgeous...her EYES!
Happy New Year darling~

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