Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zoe Saldana Talks Gun Toting, Ass Kicking, and Vulcan Dating with Complex Magazine

By now I'm sure you guys know I have a giant girl crush on Zoe Saldana. And why wouldn't I? She kicked major ass in Star Trek AND did so while keeping clothed and staying smart. Zoe continues her reign of playing powerful, confident women in her latest film "Avatar" which (lucky for us) releases in theatres on December 16th. (Not to mention the fact that it also stars the scrumptious Sam Worthington from "Terminator: Salvation", making it doubley awesome) Yes, it seems that everyone is falling madly in love with Zoe, which is probably why she's been in so many magazines lately-including the latest issue of Complex.
Rather than settle for a ho-hum boring photoshoot, photographer Gavin Bond went with an intergalactic space theme and the result is a bold, futuristic set of pics. The actress also sat down with interviewer Justin Monroe to talk about her affinity for strong female characters, her favorites in the films, and what role she won't play. Here are a few excerpts from the interview, which you can read in it's entirety
On her favorite Sci-fi characters: "Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor. Uhura, of course. That was inherited from my mom, because Uhura was like the Ripley of my mom's generation. Other female actors have inspired me, too; I think Milla Jovovich, who does a lot of sci-fi movies, is great. Angelina Jolie doesn't do a lot of films in the genre but she's just tough, so I like that."
On how she got into character for her non-human role: "Working with this amazing choreographer, Terry Notary, who used to work with Cirque du Soleil—he did the stunts in the Fantastic Four sequel and The Incredible Hulk. We had to dehumanize ourselves, all the ones that were playing the Na'vi. That took a lot of time and was the hardest thing, to dehumanize myself. We learned how to walk­—these characters have tails and they're nine feet tall, so their torsos are longer. I couldn't nod my head or shake my head. Sometimes we did endless takes because I just couldn't not do something human. "
On the double standard of beauty for men and women: "I'm just not going to do it (get plastic surgery) for all the wrong reasons. I do feel that our business should be a little more flexible with women. The moment a woman has a baby it's like, "Oh, she's not sexy!" What, having a baby means you can't imagine sleeping with her? We have the same critical opinion about men, but we're sympathetic and discreet and we won't share it all the time. I mean, do you really think we like a man with a gut? A bald man? Are you kidding me?! But we accept you as who you are because that's the way that society has made us to be. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to shave my legs just because you don't feel like touching hairy legs. For that, you better shave your..."
On loving to play kick ass, gun toting women: "It turns me on in a way that I shouldn't be saying. It's not the guns that turn me on, though—it's seeing women in a commanding position. It's boring to always play the victim. [In sobbing victim's voice] "Rape me! I'll have your child!" Eff that! Why don't you have my baby and wait at home while I go kill some motherfuckers? [Laughs.] It's just very empowering. I just want to play roles that, in some way or another, resemble the kind of person that I am, the kind of things that I'm attracted to."
On what type of roles she won't play: "I have a hard time accepting roles that typecast a culture. I don't need to play Juana, the prostitute from Washington Heights, in every movie. If it's been done before, you don't need my help. Latinos, we're not all pimps or prostitutes, we don't all deal drugs; not everyone in Jamaica smokes weed; not every Middle Easterner is a terrorist. It's boring, offensive, and hurtful. I'm not bitter about it, I'm just saying that I would like to retain accuracy of certain cultures. Some people will do these roles, but I'm fine with being poor.
On what makes a Vulvan a good boyfriend: "The brains. The brains."

IDGAF, I think her kiss with Zachary Quinto in Star Trek was the hottest of the year. And if it's possible this interview made me love her all the more. I want good things for this girl.


Anonymous said...

can't get enough of Zoe! thanks for posting this --

Keith said...

These are all great photos of Zoe. I don't blame you for having a girl crush on her. She's so beautiful. I've got a post on her coming up for Monday on my blog.

Mrs. M. said...

ooh can't wait Keith!

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