Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alison Mosshart Talks Love, Style and Kate Moss with Vogue

By now I'm sure most of you cats already know who Alison Mosshart is. She has, after all, become a slightly regular subject over here at Slacker Chic thanks to her bitchin' bands The Kills and The Dead Weather and her super sweatworthy instict for style that most girls would kill to be born with. Although she has been a hot commodity on the European circuit for quite some time, the U.S. has yet to pick up on the magesty of the Mosshart-that is, until girlfriend went and got herself a five page interview with none other than Vogue magazine. For the February issue, the frontwoman is leaving no subject unscathed, spilling the beans on everything from her relationship with Kate Moss, her personal style, and whether or not she and Jamie Hince have know. Here are a few interresting excerpts from the interview. To read it in it's entirety, simply click on the small photos below.
On rumors she butts heads with bandmate Jamie Hince's girlfriend, Kate Moss: "I get on great with Kate; we're friends. All that stuff about us arguing is ridiculous. I'm pretty easy to get along with and actually so is she. I think it's brillaint that Jamie is in love with someone and that is reciprocated."
On whether she would like to have a boyfriend: "Maybe yeah, I would I think. My problem with boyfriends has always been one thing: my work comes first. Part of that is I've never met the right person. I almost need someone who overpowers me. I'd love to have a boyfriend who has his own thing and isn't relying on me....I'm attracted to the Jamies and Jacks (referring to Jack White), those men who know exactly what they're doing."
Jack White on the power of Mosshart: "[she is] the best female front person out there right now. I don't think anyone can touch her. She's a grenade with the pin missing. [in three words, she's] Lady GaGa's worst nightmare."
Alexa Chung on Mosshart's style: "She's living proof that you don't have to dress sexy to BE sexy. She doesn't need sequins and leotards to captivate her audience, and she doesn't have to give endless, opinionated interviews for us to know she's intelligent. She's cool because she's underated and, in this day and age, that's rare.
Her thoughts on fashion: "I'm far more interrested in style than I am in the fashion industry. I really don't care about that. But people with amazing style, really incredible clothes-it's an art and I appreciate it."


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