Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ambot Feeds the Hungry, Cures Scurvy, Makes the Blind to See

Ok, ok so I may be kidding about those last two things, but Ambot definitly does feed the hungry! Or she did at least. Yesterday her boyfriend KanYAY! posted a pic to his blog of himself, Ambot and his cousin Ricky volunteering as food service workers during the holiday season. To quoteth YAY, "The day after Christmas, Amber, my cousin Ricky and I went to feed the homeless at the LA mission. It was really humbling and emotional for us."
So why is this news, you ask? Um...hellew? She's Amber freakin' Rose. Any and all information about her shall be considered relevant and important to me until further notice. Plus this is just proves she really is an alien from planet perfection. Beauty, brains, style, and a heart of gold? They really are making those
T-X terminators more and more human every year.
This concludes your daily Ambot alert. This message will self destruct in 15 seconds....
Not really. I just always wanted to say that.


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