Monday, January 25, 2010

Because Nothing Says "Parisian Couture" Like Stone Washed Denim...

I want you to imagine for a second that you are an adult woman who has been invited to the Dior Hommes runway show in Paris. As a young child growing up in Philly, you dreamed of having the opportunity to mingle with the industry's elite, chat with the hottest names in Hollywood and don designer names that most girls could only dream of. Now if given the opportunity, what would you were to such a fashion fete? A jaw dropping YSL suit cut to there? A Marchesa mini? A Balenciaga blazer with some curve hugging lines? Hell no. You know you'd be sporting a cropped denim on denim jacket, some stone washed holey jeans and a Louis Vuitton hand muffler that costs more than my life. And that's precisely what Amber Rose aka Ambot wore to the show. But while some may claim her tackadocious look to at least be unique, I swear I've seen this act before. In other words, there's kind of a Becky Conner situation going on here:

You see that? It is the look of flabbergastion that someone would have the absolute gall to rip off a style so blatantly. Next thing you know Ambot will be wearing oversized cotton stiched jackets with colorful cartoon characters and 3-dimensional applicay Santas sewn on. Ah well. This is Amber Rose. The woman could come to my house and drive a forklift through my kitchen and all would be forgiven.


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