Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blake Lively Gets Greaser for Esquire

Oh my gosh you guys, what did I just finish saying about the greaser trend? Did I not just get through saying that I loved it more than peach pie? I'm not quite sure it's entirely executed properly in these pics of Blake Lively for the latest issue of Esquire, but I'm certainly appreciating the effort. Plus I am very excited about the possibility of a greaser/rockabilly revival. You know, something inspired by the queen of that scene, Poison Ivy of the legendary band The Cramps:

Forget manufacted hipness-that chick had true style! And while no one has yet to hit on her hipness, I'm hopeful that 2010 is going to bring us a new brand of woman. One that is tougher than Paris, more self assured than Lindsay, and certainly with more edge than Miley. Is that too much to ask for the new year? I'd like to think it's not. But while I wait for that scenario to unfold, let's enjoy these pics of Blake and her A for effort, shall we?

The Cramps-"What's Inside a Girl"


Adri said...

I love the theme of the photos..the first one is my favorite

Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

You have been nominated, me dearie

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