Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ciara Strikes a Pose for L'Officiel Magazine

Ciara is such a kunundrum to me. On one hand I like her a lot. She makes decent music, seems like a pretty dope female, and doesn't at all wear on my nerves. (A nearly impossible feat for those of you that know my degree of patience). However there's just something about her that doesn't seem to quite click. Although she has reached a level of impressive success, the scope of which is larger than anything I'm sure I'll ever accomplish in my lifetime, she always seems to get buried beneath Rihanna, Beyonce, Fergie, and other sultry singers that are sort of in the same genre. Which is a shame, because Ciara certainly has a lot of unique qualities that make her a star. Including taking one hell of a ferocious picture. Therefore I thought you guys, regardless of whether you are a big Ciara fan or just a casual admirer like me, would enjoy these pics of the singer in the lastet issue of L'Officiel magazine. Again it seems like something we might have seen before, but it's all gravy. Pics are still good, and Ciara is still fly. So enjoy.


Treacle said...

I've always thought Ciara was gorgeous. When her first album debuted, she reminded me of Aaliyah...that sexy R&B with an edge thing.

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