Thursday, January 14, 2010

Death Stare Side Eyes in the Morning, With Michelle Trachtenberg

Guess who has a brand new favorite? That's right. I do. Slowly the Grumpy Girl Bitch Brigade has grown to include Kristen Stewart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and now the ellusively bitcharific Michelle Trachtenberg has joined the league thanks to her varied use of the 45 degree "I'm better than this" side eyes with a corner mouth pout. Watching Michelle closely over these last few weeks I've come to realize that she may not be a bitch on TV, but she plays one in real life which is good enough for me. Because unlike all those other sites that think girls should be sugar and spice and everything nice, I understand (as a fellow grumpy girl) that women come in various shapes, sizes, and attitudes. Some of us (like the late Brittany Murphy, God rest her soul) are naturally energenic and upbeat, while others (like Michelle for example) weren't born to smile-we were born to scowl. Fight it as we may, bitchiness is just in our blood. It's who we are. It's how we roll. Which is why I love that Michelle is not fighting against the true nature of her self. She has given in to the grump, and I applaud that. (But I do so with a slight resentment and superiority, because that's what the Bitch Brigade does).
Anyway, I digress. Aside from looking more angry than Lou Ferrigno when someone steals his last protein bar, my girl Michelle dazzled at last night's publication celebration of "You Know You Want It". For the event, the actress chose a gorgeous navy blue Rag & Bone dress with plunging neckline that really complimented her porcelain skin. Adding to the ensemble were some chic Ippolita black onyx bangles and a delicious Carla Amorim ring. Several of Michelle's Gossip Girl costars also attended the event including Leighton Meester who looked drop dead gorg in a Louis Vuitton look straight off the runway. Both women (Michelle and Leighton) has really emerged as two stylistas to watch and I always look forward to seeing how they're going to interpret the latest fashions on the red carpet. Speaking of which, here are some more pics from the event. I do hope you enjoy.


The Lion & The Unicorn said...

i have a new obsession with navy. loving this post.

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