Friday, January 15, 2010

Diamonds Are Olivia Wilde's Best Friend

Olivia Wilde is such an awesome freakin' chick. Admittedly I did not always like her, assuming that because she was on The OC that she couldn't possibly be capable of the level of coolness that she has since grown to live up to. Nay, that was my fault to judge her book by it's cover because in fact, Olivia is one of the dopest, down to Earth chicks in Hollywood with one of the most enviable, laid back styles around. She often pairs tomboy, masculine pieces (like blazers or slacks) with girly twists (such as soft, feminine colors), creating a look that is all her own. Last night was naturally no different, as the bronzed Olivia wowed in a light heued ensemble at 9th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview. For the event, Wilde thing paired a Alberta Ferretti Spring 2010 dress with some slick Jimmy Choo Nova sandals and a matching alligator clutch. I love how the shoes and bag take full focus in this ensemble. The softness of her dress is completely offset by the roughness of the alligator accessories, making this look the perfect blending of fashion yin and yang.
However if you think Wilde thing is all fashion and no passion, think again. Upon hearing of the devestation in Haiti, the House hottie took to twitter and pledged to her fans that anyone donating $200 or more to the relief effort would receive a personalized video from Olivia herself. Since the tragedy she has been tweeting regularly urging fans to "email me your receipt here so i know who to make an AWESOME video for [you]" and assuring them that the "OFFER STILL ON! donate $200 to and I'll send you a personal video message thanking you for your help!" To find out how you can help, mosey on over to
Olivia's Twitter. There you will find links to donate and info on how you can get your own personalized video from Olivia. (A creative and brilliant way to raise money in my opinion)


Carsi said...

I think it really great what she's doing to help raise money. My family is from Haiti and we're all so worried

Mrs. M. said...

oh my gosh Carsi i hope they are alright! My thoughts and prayers will be with them.

Senorita Fashionista said...

That is fantastic what she is doing! I wish I could spare $200 right about now, I would donate in a heartbeat! You are right she is super stylish! xoxo Jolie

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