Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dita Von Teese is Lovely in Leather

Just when I begin to worry that Dita Von Teese has gone a bit overboard with the conservative attire, she goes and hits a homerun by giving a great big nod to her bad girl burlesque persona. While the model has been looking admittedly prim lately, it should be no surprise that when it came to hitting up BFF John Galliano's Dior show for Paris fashion week, Dita turned on the temptress, heating things up in a hot leather number by the designer. Only our burlesque baby could get away with wearing not only so much of one trend, but so much gosh darn foundation. I love you Dita baby, but you could go a little easy on the powder. With a face as flawless as hers, why would she want to hide behind anything?

Also appearing almost perfect in Paris was Paz Vega, who looked like a classic movie star in this bright red dress from Dior:

Don't get me wrong-Paz is as pretty as barbituate Barbie in this 50's inspired frock, but what's with the sudden weight loss? As a woman who is known for her smokin' curves I'm surprised to see the actress looking so skeletal. Chic skeletal, but skeletal nonetheless. Perhaps Paz should hit up Dita for a little fitness and food advice?


Senorita Fashionista said...

I just love Miss Dita! You are right about Paz, no Latina, should be that lacking in curves!

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