Friday, January 8, 2010

First Look at Scarlett Johansson in "A View from the Bridge". All Hail.

You guys, I have been suffering from some majah Scarlett Johansson withdrawls lately. The shaking, the sweating, the anxiety as to when-oh-when I might get wind of some new ScarJo news-it's been a rough roller coaster ride of curiosity and I am more than happy to get off of it. Because today, thankfully, I come baring good tidings of great Scarlett in the form of a new photo and promo from her run in "A View from the Bridge"! Although it is her first live run on Broadway, my girl has been getting rave reviews for her performance as Liev Schreiber's niece who he has an unheatlthy infatuation with. Even Liev himself if praising ScarJo for her unabashed talent, gushing that “I’ve just been really impressed with her composure. Broadway is a pressurized situation and we’ve had a really short rehearsal period. It’s really amazing watching her handle it so well and so beautifully. She’s really evolved so much especially over the last two to three weeks. I’m blown away by her. I’ve kind of fallen for Scarlett.”
Uh, listen Liev, I like you and all, but your ass better get in line behind me and take a friggen number. I fell for her first, and I will not hesitate to throw a fist of fury in your general direction. After which I will run like hell because I'm sure he could kick my ass from here to Shanghai.


Couture Carrie said...

A must-see for sure!


Treacle said...

Do you know what this movie's about? I hadn't even heard of it before now.

Speaking of ScarJo, you know she's playing Black Widow, Russian assassin extraordinaire, in the next Iron Man film, right? I can't wait!

Mrs. M. said...

me either! I was disappointed to see that she was barely in the trailer though. i hope her part is bigger than they let on.

Jay Amabile said...

i actually have tickets to see this...hope it's good.

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