Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kat Von D Shows off Her Tats to Inked

Ok so I don't know if you guys know this, but aside from my husband being a soldier, he's also a kick ass tattoo artist. His designs vary greatly, depending on who his subject is, but regardless I am always in awe of his creations. Therefore it should come as no surprise that when I saw this awesome (if not slightly short) editorial of Kat Von D in February's "Inked" magazine, I had to share. Not just because I have grown to have a unique appreciation for the the art of ink, but because Kat is a kick ass chica that belongs here at Slacker Chic. Why? Because she's her own woman. And anyone that has a strong sense of self-regardless of whether they're a metal momma like Kat or a mainstreamer like Beyonce-will always be welcome in my realm. But enough gushing. Let's talk about that dreamy Alexander McQueen dress she's wearing! Have we checked out the designer's signature skull detail on the bodice of the dress? Or how about those sky high Prada pumps she's wearing in black? Talk about a dream outfit! I'm pretty sure if there is a heaven, this what they wear there.


ChicChickory said...

I'm not usually into the tattoos all over the body look, but Kat in these photos make it look classy.

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