Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kim Kardashian Pretty Much Weigh Negative 45lbs at This Point...

Seriously, what the eff is up with this cover of Kim Kardashian on the lastest issue of OK!? This is pretty much the 3,489th time in the last year the chick has proudly boasted that she has "Lost 15 pounds", and I am could not be more over it. If she really did lose 15 damn pounds every time she announced her victory bitch would be making Mary Kate Olsen look like Mama Cass. Every time I see her photoshopped ass on the cover of another publication at the grocery store I want to immediately flip over the magazine stand, grab the largest bottle of Pace Pacante I can find and just drown that mess in tomato-y goodness.
Someone hand me the baby powder, I feel a bitch slap coming on.
Oh, and as a person who watches their weight I can tell you with full on confidence that no work out worth it's weight is "easy". Unless of course we are considering cellulite removal and plastic sugery "easy" in which case yes, shit is easy like Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

first she was on covers with titles like "i love my curves" her easy diet plan...gimme a fkn break.

all this diet shit everywhere...every january. first comes xmas, then new year, then DIETS!!!

Scandalous Housewife said...

Obv she's selling a book with her "easy" workout. I've got the cold weather, after x-mas blues, and I'm in no mood for that shit!

Mrs. M. said...

i agree with you 100% Anon!
and long time no see Scandy!

Sunshine with the chance of clouds said...

Just another way to get her face and a** out there. We could all lose 15 pounds easily if we had the surgeons and photo shop she has!

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