Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg is a Raven in Red for Complex

So there i was, making the rounds this morning in search of something super awesome to present you all with when suddenly i spotted IT: A paint-filled editorial of my new favorite grumpy girl Michelle Trachtenberg in the lastest issue of Complex. Now imagine my non-surprise when I discovered that everyone talking about this spread on the boards positively hates it. Not only that, but they want to tie a cement boulder to this magazine and throw it in the bottom of the East river without so much as a prayer or a proper burial. I'm assuming that said haters must either A.) Be jealous of Michelle's fierce beauty or 2.) (Yes i just made points "A" and "2") Are not capable of understanding the power behind her bitcherific nature. Indeed, this chick is on my A+ list, and I'll be damned if I listen to a bunch of ninnymongers bad mouthing her. Bad mouthing Paris, Lindsay, Kim, Ashlee or that chick from the Pussycat Dolls is one thing, but cutting down my grumpy girl M? There will be none of that on my metaphorical watch! So let us look, let us appreciate and let us all buy Complex magazine when it comes out, shall we? The longer this brunette baby sticks around, the better.



Patrice said...

I'm digging it...She's one of the few pulling off the kid actor to adult transition without me wishing she would just go home.

Carsi said...

I actually really like this shoot, knowing that she and I are the same age is making me feel unaccomplished x1000

Treacle said...

I dig it. Kudos to Michelle for trying something new and breaking out of her "good girl" image.

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