Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Olivia Wilde Sizzles in GQ Italy

Woah hubba hubba! You gotta give it to Italians-when it comes to sexy they sure do know how to deliver the goods. Take these smoking hot photos of Olivia Wilde in GQ Italy for example. I know that in the past I have said something similar, but I really mean it when I declare that this is my favorite editorial Wilde thing has ever done. I really love the type of sexy that this shoot exudes. It sort of has a laid back, early 1970's vibe, reminiscent of an early James Bond film. In fact, these pics could have easily come from any scene in the franchise where the villain has just worked her way into 007's bed and is mere moments away from slipping a mickey in his martini or commiting espionage. In other words, this business is perfection.


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