Monday, January 4, 2010

Santigold Invades Paste Magazine, My Heart, Your Ear Drums

Do you know the way to San Jose Santigold? If not, you should. Not only is she an incredible songbird, writer, and beat master, but she's utterly and completely original. Although she toured with M.I.A. and is categorized in the same general genre I don't believe this chick can be boxed and tagged neatly into some neat little marketing package. One minute she's throwing heavy drum and bass filled beats at us, the next she's churning out sweet, light hearted little ditties you'd hear in popular chick flicks. No matter what her sound though one thing is always certain: It's gonna be sick.
However while our little Santigold has found respectable success, she has yet to really blow up to epic proportions. Hopefully 2010 will be her year, and if landing the cover of Paste magazine (alongside "Vampire Weekend") is any indication, it just might be!
Anyway here's more of Santi in "Paste". I've also attached a couple of youtube videos featuring my absolute fave of her songs. Enjoy!

"You'll Find a Way"


"Lights Out"


Carsi said...

love her, saw her twice live and she blew me away, can't wait for some new music from her and I really hope she does some shows this year

Mrs. M. said...

you saw her live?!? I am so jealous!!!

Senorita Fashionista said...

Im loving your blog more and more, LUV Santogold, she is ground breaking and she looks hot in those images! xoxo Jolie

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