Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Morning, With Dita Von Teese

It's Saturday morning kids which means one thing: it's time for your weekly dose of Dita Von Teese. Today, we have a smashing new editorial of the pin up princess for the January issue of Japan's Re-Quest QJ magazine. Needless to say Dita looks awesome as always sporting some more conservative looks for the foreign publication. Were this anyone else, I might say a shoot lacking creative costume choices or scenery might be a bore, but that's what's so magical about Dita. She (much like Rita Hayworth, according to Madonna) gives unbelievable face, adding that special sparkle to what might normally be considered a dull situation. *Sigh*, it's Dita's star quality and ability to captivate someone's attention with little more than a glimmer in her eye that always makes me long for an era when women were called "dames" and were considered mysterious creatures. Thank goodness we at least have somebody trying to bring back the golden age glamour of Hollywood.

Update: I've also added some cute pics of Dita out in L.A. yesterday. How Hawaiian Bettie Page are those wedges and that skirt?


sexylegsandbody said...

I have never seen Dita when her make up wasnt perfect... always applied to perfection... very neat lady.

Great post!


Miss_Scarlett said...

oh dita, why so fabulous? this woman blows me away, shes so damn great and picture perfect, nobody does the pin up style better than her, even in those candids shes fantastic! love her.

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