Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Morning, With Dita Von Teese

You guys if Bettie Page, Grace Kelly, and Madonna ala the "Express Yourself" era somehow managed to have a baby and that baby had a baby with the great grandchild of Lili St. Cyr, the result would definitely be Dita Von Teese. Excuse me, the result would be Dita Von Teese at the Audi Golden Globes celebration. For the event, Dita (pictured here with pal Liz Goldwyn) wore a baby blue Jean Paul Gaultier corset dress with a toned down cone-shaped bra inspired by Madonna's early 90's alter ego. Before the event, Ditters tweeted to fans about her fashion choice, declaring that she's “Headed out to a party with Liz Goldwyn in our ‘ode to 90s glamour’ looks. She’s [wearing] Versace safety pins.” She then followed up with an interresting tid bit, telling fans "Oddly, both our 90s dresses will not allow for underwear. I’m not being provocative; just stating a 90s fashion fact that we observed.” Leave it to Dita to be the first to envoke the spirit of a NON-80's era Madonna. Do you think this means cone bras will become the next hot thing?


Trendology said...

Sometimes I wish my style was a defined as Dita Von Teese's!

Anonymous said...

she's so stunning!

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