Friday, January 29, 2010

Slacker Chic of the Month: Adam Lambert

Ok so this pretty much wasn't even a contest. When it came to choosing January's Slacker Chic of the Month you guys voted Adam Lambert your overwhelming favorite. With an whopping 88% of the total votes, your man knocked out fellow musicians Amanda Blank and Poison Ivy Rorschach, making it clear just how much you love the glam rocker. Not only that, but today is Adam's 28th birthday. What a day to win, and what a year's it's been!
Likewise, just like you guys I have also fallen under Adam's spell, previously gushing about how much I love
his music, style and attitude. In an effort not to repeat myself I'll just say that boyfriend totally rocks, and I can't wait to see what he cooks up for us next! He's so funky and fun and (I think) setting a new stage for what's expected of men in music. Like so many others before him (such as my guy Freddie Mercury), Adam's pushing the boundaries and going for the gold. None of this paint by numbers, Dummie's Guide on How to Be a Rock Star business for Lambert. He's marching-excuse me-strutting-to the beat of his own drummer, and I love it.
So congrats Adam! You're not only one of a kind, but you clearly have some of the best, most dedicated fans in the biz.
P.S. I hope some of these photos are new for you guys. I tried to include more rare shots. Enjoy!


LadyGaga said...

My mom likes him. I don't get his appeal. Second, where u get that home, about tab at the very top of your homepage?

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Anonymous said...

Late comment is late, but I really enjoyed reading this. Yay for his owning the poll! And A++ for your choice of pics, ma'am ;)

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