Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suicide Blonde to the Max

Before there was GaGa, before there was Britney, before there was Beyonce there was Kylie. And clearly Kylie still reigneth supreme. The beautiful Brit Australian can be seen in the January issue of Max magazine giving majah face and showing those twiggy young whippersnappers how a real HBIC does it. And is it just me, or does the singer look a little bit like Vanessa Paradis' long lost twin in some of these shots? The resemblance is uncanny!
On a related Minogue note, Kylie's sister, X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue just announced her pregnancy early today via twitter , telling fans "woohoo I'm gonna be a mummy!" The babay, who is due in June/July, will be the first for both Dannii and her boyfriend Kris Smith.
Anyway congrats to the couple and to Kylie-I'm sure homegirl is thrilled she's going to be an aunt! And who wouldn't love to have Kylie freakin' Minogue as their aunt? Coolest. Ever.


Anonymous said...

love the pics, but just one thing: she's australian.. :P

Anonymous said...

Yes..both she and Dannii are ours not the poms!! LOL we love Kylie.
And Dannii just got pregnant to the gorgeous footy player Kris Smith, you go bitch!! Finally a win for Dannii!

ps love yr work slacker chic
cheers from Nick in Canberra, Australia

Anonymous said...

oh. i just read whole article properly. fail

Mrs. M. said...

oh my gosh you guys are right! I am so sorry! I guess I have been writing about so many Brits lately it just fell right off the fingers onto the keyboard. My bad!

Carsi said...

she's so gorgeous it's a shame that X didn't do well here, it was a really great album

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