Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amber Rose is an American Rebel

American RebeL- Persona Magazine Vol 1. from PERSONA MAGAZINE on Vimeo.
What better way to start the day than with my second favorite girl in the world, Amber Rose? Nay, I say no better way! The newly minted Ford model has really been putting her skills to the test, shooting editorials for Smooth, Complex and even Persona magazine. In the past I have posted a rad shoot from the magazine featuring our girl, but today Persona has released a new video featuring a different side of Ambot. Here's how Persona describes the black and white vignette:
"The video is comprised of behind-the-scenes footage from Persona’s photo shoot with Amber that retells the story from the film, “This is England”. The film centers on a group of London Skinheads hanging in England during the 1960s. It was a time when this particular subculture didn’t bother with politics and race but more fixated themselves on the unisex fashion, music, and lifestyle-alternate to the popular Mod trend. Deviating from the norm and portraying this rebellious attitude, the Skinheads represented a time of change much like the shaven-headed beauty, Amber Rose."
Naturally I'm in love with this short seeing as how it features three of my favorite things: Ambot, black leather, and a punk-infused style, but all personal taste aside I really love the artistic direction of this video. I'm also excited about the possibilities of Ambot becoming a full-fledged Girl on Film and making a move to movies. Can you just imagine if they made a Mannequin remake? If you ask me, Ambot was BORN for that role!


Carsi said...

haha she looks gorgeous in that video, and I could definitely see her in a mannequin remake

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