Thursday, February 25, 2010

Courtney Love Has Nine Lives Too Many

Once upon a time, I thought that Courtney Love was the sun, the moon, and the stars. I perceived her as a flawless work of bitchery, sent from the planet perfection to reign supreme over us misfit punk rock girls. However with time, I began to see her for what she really is: A blabberjaw that talks a big 'ol game but can't back it up. Sure her style undeniably altered the way that the 90's saw female fashion, but if we're being totally honest here Kat Bjelland did it bigger and better and with more talent than CLove eva did. Then again, Love did have the smart sense to market her "kinder whore" status to the misguided XX's that followed her every lead. Still, there's something comforting and welcoming about CLove's presence. While she may not have had the musical talent of L7 or the political prowess of Kathleen Hannah (that's right, I just said that!) Love is one of the only punk princess of the 90's that WILL go down in the history books as a major player. Which brings me to my point: Despite the fact that CLove has not released an album since 2004 (and nay a successful record since 1998), she still got front billing for the cover of March's Spin. Sure "Nobody's Daughter" is slated for release on April 28th, but so what? Since when was the last time you saw Spin covering the latest Barenaked Ladies or Marcy's Playground release? The fact that Courtney Love is still relevant both boggles my mind and seems natural at the same time. What is it about the Window Cobain that we cannot shake? Is it her affilitation with Kurt? Her outrageous lies and fabrications? Or do we as humans just have something innate in us that has to see a train wreck all the way through? Regardless, there's no denying that while you may not Love her, you cannot ignore her. But you can take some Pepto to help with the dry heaves.


Emily said...

I wish she didn't have all that work done to her face, otherwise she'd look gorgeous here.

Carsi said...

I remember seeing Hole videos and the 'Sassy' cover as a kid and thinking this chick is so cool and how she kinda didn't give a shit; then I saw her in interviews, heard about the fight with Kathleen Hanna, and the post-VMA Madonna incident and just realized she's more or less batshit crazy

sexylegsandbody said...

Cannot say I was ever a fan of her, so I can also not say much about her.

She used to be quite a looker, but in my opinion, she ran her body into the ground so to speak.

Thanks for sharing, hope your weekend is going to be great!


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