Monday, February 15, 2010

Dakota Fanning Gets Glam for Vogue Italia

Holy moly, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday Dakota Fanning was the adorable little blonde girl cooking up hijinx in "The Cat in the Hat" and now look at her. Thanks to her turn as Cherie Currie in the upcoming flick "The Runaways", Dakota is roaming into full-fledge woman territory. And while I normally do not like posting about younger celebs (aside from Taylor Momsen, who is 47 and divorced on the inside), I'll glady make an exception when it comes to Dakota. Why? Because she is the creme de la creme. The young Meryl Streep. The anti-LiLo. She's a darn good role model for younger chicks and seems like she's really got her head screwed on straight. Not to mention the fact that I really respect her seemless transition from child star to teen queen. Dakota could have easily become the next used-to-be, but thanks to recent age appropriate roles in "Push" and the Twilight Saga, I think this is one starlet that plans to be around until her golden years.
Anyway enough about her career. Let's check out these gorg pics of Dakota from Vogue Italia, shall we? And on a side note, what are we thinking about the bushy eyebrows? Is it more Brooke Shields or more Groucho Marx?

Update: Now new and improved with stills from "The Runaways"!


Carsi said...

she seems so normal despite all of her fame it's refreshing, but I guess that's the result of having parents that aren't leeches. I'm really looking forward to the Runaways movie even though I'm a tiny bit hesitant

Mrs. M. said...

me too Carsi! I'm anxious as hell to see that movie but at the same time im worried they're going to turn the runaways into a tweenfest.

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