Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Think Someone at the L.A. Times Hates Emily Blunt...

Now listen, I love bizarre art and fashion as much as the next girl, but what the LA Times did to Emily Blunt for their March issue is just downright sinful. Girlfriend is not Lady GaGa and this is not the Paparrazzi video, so what's up with the damn crutches? And don't even get me started on how they contoured her face. Not only does Emily look unrecognizable, but she looks...well...she looks kind of scary in that Miss Havisham, I like to dance around in my condemned, delapidated house to Tom Waits' "Russian Dance" while twilrling my feather boa and cooing to one of my 72 stray cats kind of way. On second thought, that scenario sounds kind of interresting. Too bad this photo shoot isn't. If you're going to go with bizarre, you might as well go balls to the walls and make things interresting. Otherwise, you've just taken a beautiful actress and fugged her up for no reason. And trust me, there's nothing pretty about that.


Ali Skantzos said...

hmm, that first photo really frightened me when I first scrolled down, and I still think its scary, but I kind of like the third photo minus that strange white padded thing...what is that?

The whole monotone beige thing is kind of cool though.

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