Monday, February 22, 2010

Look of the Day: THIS CHICK

I don't know who THIS CHICK is, but I love her. Homegirl turned the business out at London Fashion Week, stealing the show in an outfit that I couldn't even begin to describe unless I had just taken an entire sheet of acid while listening to Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Sure THIS CHICK might not be conventional, but over here at Slacker Chic we love the strange and unusual. (I myself am strange and unusual-little Beetlejuice reference for you right there) Anyway, this might not be your average, timless starlet stunner, but I'll take a little avante garde over the average any day of the week. Even if avante garde has a plastic baby hanging from her neck like an oversized Flava Flav clock.


mrs. halimah. said...

always appreciate those that aren't afraid of the rubberneckers!

she was definitely on her gaga steeze.

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