Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Posh Plays House for Glamour

Ah Victoria Beckham. What an anaomoly the woman is to me. Just when I start to think of her as uptight and annoying, she goes and reminds me that in fact, she's actually pretty darn likeable when she doesn't have a thousand pap shutters in her face. Case in point, this editorial of Posh in the March issue of Glamour magazine is kitschy without being cheesy, cute without being over the top and frou-frou without being too...Jessica Mcclintock. Besides, who doesn't love pics of puppies and housewives gone amuck? Lawd knows I do!
Anyway, here are some more of the super cute pics from the spread, as well as some highlights from the upcoming issue. I do hope you enjoy!
On her spare time: “I travel a fair amount, and when I’m here in L.A., everything revolves around the kids. So if I’m not working, I go to the school and help serve lunches to the children. They just love that. It’s like, Oh, there’s Mummy serving me!”
On husband David Beckham: "It’s not healthy to be jealous. I look at David and I think, He’s so handsome and I’m so lucky to have him as a husband. And he’s an amazing father. I don’t blame people for looking at him and finding him attractive. I mean, I do.”
On whether celebrities make her nervous: “Nervous in a good way. I [once] shared a plane with George Clooney. I still get excited. My mum and I said, ‘Oh my God’…I’m leading an extraordinary life. I never try to be too cool about [it].”
On her first date with David: “When I first went out with David, I was in the Spice Girls, and David wasn’t so known. He told me when I got to know him a little better that he didn’t know very much about me, so he bought tabloids. He read that I liked Prada. So he went out and bought Prada trousers, Prada shoes, a Prada shirt, Prada jacket.”
On her looks: "I’m not a supermodel. I make the best of what I’ve got. I work out to look the best that I can, but I’m no Gisele."
On what she eats: "I’m a very, very healthy eater. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit. I don’t eat junk food. I work out.”
On her clothing line: “I consider all of my pieces to be investment pieces. A dress shouldn’t be worn for one season—you should be able to wear it year after year.”
On her life as a Spice Girl: “I’m really respectful of my past, and I look back and I laugh. What we did was incredible. We sold 52 million albums!”
On wearing high heels: "Absolutely [heels make my feet] hurt. Absolutely! I’m not going to lie. But no pain, no gain, as they say. I don’t mind. I will suffer. I don’t wear heels every day, but when I’m out, that’s how I feel confident.”


Anonymous said...

i love this editorial!

CLM said...

love this editorial ! beautiful.
thanks for the comment.


a friend of mine did her make-up during her Spice dayz, he said she was a real b*tch to him! I think she 's quite fierce & you said it right;

Friend in Fashion said...

Such a fun editorial - Victoria looks great! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE Victoria Beckham; and I simply adore this editorial. I read an interview with her in ELLE magazine not too long ago, and she truly has a wonderful sense of humor. J'adore!! :)

Sarah (Buzz) said...

She's so cute, and I love her hair. Very edgy, but at the same time elegant and chic. I love your blog :)


sexylegsandbody said...

Not sure how I feel about her as a person per se, but this is a very interesting editorial, was great reading it. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks also for dropping a line on my last post, great hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!

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