Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sossamon Spotting!

Where oh where has Shannyn Sossamon been?!? Other than my dreams of course, seeing as how she is a delightful little angel from planet Awesome. Indeed I think the world could always use a smidge more Shannyn, hence this post! The actress, who has three independent films slated for release this year, was spotted looking awfully chipper leaving the Bowery Hotel the other day in a loose fitting pair of black trouser and sheer white blouse. In itself the outfit isn't that special, but Shannyn has such an infectious smile that I couldn't resist kicking the day off with her. Love her vintage style, love her spunky spirit!


Carsi said...

I love her, I think she's been promoting the show that's she's on with Kid Cudi for HBO, How to Make it in America.

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