Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to Paradis

As I sit here and relentlessly watch hour after hour of the XXI Olympics, I find myself growing increasingly impatient for the sweet, sweet warmth of spring. While I love the beauty of the snow falling outside my door I also long for going barefoot, having BBQs and not wearing UGGs out of necessity. However, while I may not be able to change the weather, at least I can feast my eyes upon delightful photos that take me where I wish I could be. Hence, this gorgeous, spring inspired post from the Spring/Summer issue of Vs. Magazine. Parisian triple threat Vanessa Paradis, (also known as Johnny Depp's commonlaw wifey), looks incredible in the new editorial which features light, airy dresses, a beautiful bright backdrop, and a warm aura that I wish I was surrounded by. So while you and I, little kittens, might not be able to dip our toes in a pond (without getting frostbite), you can at least dream about it. Calgon Vs., take us away!


Couture Carrie said...

Such gorgeous pics!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Such a fabulous and glamorous editorial. I love it!


she is gorgeous Johnny is one lucky dude~
ps: spring where are youuu???

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