Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adam Lambert Gets Posetastic for "Flaunt" Magazine

I don't know what it is about Adam Lambert, but something about his glam ass makes the hag inside of me squeal for joy. Perhaps it's the fact that his penchant for theatrics reminds me of the love child that never manifested between Freddie Mercury and Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Or maybe it's just because I am loving "For Your Entertainment" so hard it's practically broken. Either way, I adore Lambert and I love his new shoot for "Flaunt" magazine. Now if only I could own a pair of those gold encrusted sunnies without blindly stumbling out into moving traffic. But hey, at least when I'm splattered across the front of someone's windshield, I'd look hella fashionable.


ChicChickory said...

I'm right there with you on the Lambert groupie train. I heart him so much! Is he losing some of the chubby from his face? Cuz it looks finely chiseled.

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