Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All That Glitters Should Be Mine

Here are just some of the styles and swaggerslingers I have been enamored with this week:
Amber Rose aka Ambot at LA Fashion Week

Marion Cotillard, being honored at the Art & Letters Awards

Adam Lambert performing in Tokyo

Kate Bosworth lunching at Doughboy's

Kristen Stewart in NYC

Gaggle of lame hipsters whose names I know but who I loathe too much to mention at LV Paris RTW

Random model sporting a sweet halter dress at L'Oreal Paris Runway. Dress is hot, but homegirl needs to put a burger on it. And by it, I mean in her non-existant belly STAT

The perfect creature known as Ambot thanks you kindly for your time in reading this post and hopes your day finds you fabulous. Unlike those damn hipsters above who probably want to spit on you and steal your shoes.


Anonymous said...

wow, amber rose actually got dressed, and kristen stewart smiled! what a week! :P

Lady Mel said...

Kristen Stewart smiling and in non-black clothes. o.o lucky day!

Carsi said...

everyone's looking good especially goddess Amber. I'm glad Kate Bosworth is looking healthy she was scaring me for a while back.

ChicChickory said...

Thanks for sharing Adam's glittery package. It was a real treat. I totally want to be his fag hag.

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