Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chloe Sevigny Sports Spring Style in Harper's Bazaar Russia

How do I love Chloe Sevigny? Let me count the ways...A million. There. I just counted them. I love this hot bitch in a million ways. I love her cause she's stylish, I love her cause she's wierd, I love her because she doesn't even know she's wierd but most of all, I love her because she's a phenomenal actress with a floor length resume. She's just an authentic, phenomenal, hot, stylish wierdo that just so happens to be getting her fashion on in this month's Harper's Bazaar Russia. *Sigh*, if only there were more girls like Chloe (and by that I mean unafraid to be themselves) the world would be a much more colorful, fashionable place.


Carsi said...

she looks beautiful in these and in British Elle, she just did a really great (and long) interview on AV Club

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