Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Days of Our Ditto

Ok so I've made no bones about it: when it comes to The Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto, I am all aboard her style express. Although many a fashion snob like to belittle Beth for her ecclectic fashion sense and avante garde accessories, I find the punk princess to be fun, funky, and a totally original. Say what you will about her outfits-it takes mad lady balls to walk out of the house in something others might find unconventional. However, as every fashionable femme knows, dressing to please others is not only wicked, but a fruitless endeavor. No matter how hard you try, there's always going to be that asshole shaking their head and telling you your business isn't good enough. (Yes, I'm talking to you Anna Wintour) Luckily Beth has enough sense of self to say to hell with those people, and thank goodness because with the rising increase of botox, silicone injections and any other form of torture to desensitizing and demoralizing XX's the world over, we can certainly use more women like Ditto in the world. Besides, who else would I look to for prime examples of grown up goth? So in honor of Beth's courageous and outrageous style, I've decided to post some of her recent ensembles from Paris Fashion Week. Le freak c'est chic-and that's not just The Gossip.
glam at Givenchy 3/7/2010

at Sonia Rykiel 3/7/2010

at Viktor & Rolf 3/7/2010

cute clutch at Viktor & Rolf RTW 3/6/2010

attending Vivienne Westwood 3/5/2010

at Ungaro 3/8/2010

gorgeous at Galliano 3/7/2010


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