Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heidi Klum Talks about What Does her Body Good in April's Allure

I can't do it. I can't even pretend like I don't love and adore Heidi Klum. On the one hand I feel like I should be hating on her obvious good fortune (perfect career, perfect body, perfect kids, perfect marriage). On the other hand, the supermodel/supermogul/supermom is so endearing and real that it's almost impossible to dislike her. Not to mention the fact that her tenacity and drive is an inspiration to me as a woman. I mean, homegirl is the living, breathing definition of having it all. And she always seems so happy! I tell you, if she could bottle up that luck and sell it to the masses methinks Heidi could easily buy and sell Bill Gates.
But enough about how fabulous the good like of Ms. Seal is. Let's talk about her new interview and photo spread for the April issue of Allure magazine. For this edition, the model is giving us mere mortals some of her stay young secrets, discussing topics like her avoiding stretch marks, staying out of the sun and drinking lots and lots of milk. I think I speak for every woman here when I say Damn, milk don't do my body that good!
On staying out of the sun: "I learned not to go in the sun early on in my career. A tan lasts for a week or two before it fades, and the sun is so damaging—it's not worth it. I put sunscreen on my kids every day before school and before they play outside. They know the routine."
On her love of milk: "You have to think about your whole body when you think about aging. In general, you have to be strong—and that starts with nutrition. I have a glass of milk with dinner every night. When I'm pregnant, I drink a liter of whole milk a day—my trainer would say that's crazy, but it works for me."
On avoiding stretch marks: "I didn't get stretch marks during my pregnancies, and I wasn't even moisturizing myself like a maniac."
On having fun with her kids: "I'm quite energetic, and I also have sweet children who don't care that I just had another kid. They want to be into things and be loved and go in Ma's bed when they get up early in the morning. So I'm always juggling the family and life with my husband."


lorenabr said...

She is a miracle :) like her very much

monty said...

I love Heidi Klum. She seems like a great and wonderful person. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

she's almost too gorgeous, and she seems so nice!

ChicChickory said...

Could I have her breasts, please? Thank you.

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