Thursday, March 4, 2010

House of Dereon Unveils Sneak Peak at Spring Collection

I've been kind of busy lately kittens, and I appologize for that. I don't mean to ignore you, because truly you are the clouds on my sunshiney day. (And I love clouds!!!) In an effort to extend the olive branch and ask for your forgiveness, I come bearing good tidings of great Beyonce. Because really, who wouldn't want to be awoken by Bey? The 28 year old is looking as gorgeous as ever in these striking new ads for her clothing brand, House of Dereon. Here the songstress is modeling just some of the clothing we can expect from her Spring 2010 collection. Staying true to her urban yet elegant style, this campaign boasts bright, bold colors in figure flattering, breezy fabrics. I know a lot of people love to diss House of Dereon because it's tres chic to bash a celeb brand, but I'm not totally opposed to it. In fact, I own a HOD doctor's bag in metallic, and it's varied compartments and flat bottom make it the absolute best for when I travel. Besides, even if you aren't a fan of the clothes you can't help but admit: these shots are breathtaking.


Caroline said...

WOW!!!! I love this love this so so much. Beyonce looks fab, and the first shot is just to die for.

Thanks for sharing!

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