Thursday, March 11, 2010

Julianne Moore is Breathtaking in BlackBook

It's that time again, kids. Time to take a breather from your day and kick back with our own resident ginger goddess, Julianne Moore. Lately it seems the mother of two has been all over the place, thanks largely in part to her gig in Tom Ford's "A Single Man". However, as I've previously stated, Julianne is also preparing for her triumphant return to the small screen on "As the World Turns". However while JMoore may be more than happy to do editorials to promote her gigs, one thing she emphatically does not enjoy is getting personal with talk shows. In this month's issue of BlackBook, Julianne discusses her displeasure for the faux BFF chit chat, saying, "I really don't like doing talk shows. They make me very, very nervous. People aren't just chatting on those shows. They get on the phone beforehand with the person who's producing that segment and you have the conversation, where they probe you about what's going on in your life. But if I were being honest, I'd say 'well, nothing. I picked my kids up from school. Then I went to the orthepedist and the dentist." Ironically enough while Julianne may not be keen on sharing the deets of her dailies, one thing she doesn't mind is abandoning all sense of inhibition in an effort to make her roles more realistic. Says JMoore, "We can go from being ok to being complete disasters in a matter of hours if that's the story we allow ourselves to tell." Thankfully we have amazing actresses like Julianne who are more than happy to tell those story. And as a fan of the ginger goddess I can honestly say, I'm Moore than happy to listen.


Anonymous said...

she looks stunning!

Sandra said...

dreamy and gorgeous! :)


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