Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kirsten Dunst Channels Silent Screen Stars for "V" Magazine

Kirsten Dunst. The mere name seems to conjour up either an arousal of "oohs and ahhs" regarding her sweet, quirky nature, or the gnashing and grinding of teeth and the collective mutters of "ughIcantstandthatbitch!!!" Fortunately for me, I quite like Kirsten for both her personal style, and her professional repertoire. Not only am I around the same age as Kirsten, thus have grown up with her movies by default, but I can respect the way she handles her private life. She does her movies, agreeably does her interviews, and then (and I mean this in a nice way) goes the hell away. She wants us to like her films, but she isn't begging us to love her. She isn't constantly shoving her face (or her vagina) down our throats in a vein attempt to just be in the public eye. Furthermore, Kirsten doesn't mind going out on a limb, constantly mixing her high budget films like Spiderman and Marie Antoinette with smaller, more low budget indies like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or her new film, "All Good Things". So when I saw this bitchin' new editorial of Kirsten in the latest "V" magazine, I was psyched. Not only are the pics (shot by the brilliant Mario Testino) gorgeous and quirky (much like Dunst herself), but they mean that Kirsten will be making the rounds to promote her latest film before she scurries back into hibernation for another 6-9 months. So Kirsten fans rejoice because this editorial is, like her 2001 movie, The Cat's Meow. And for the percentage of you that loathe Kirsten more than I loathe crocks, I guess you could always look on the bright side: The pics make a really breathtaking, beautiful new target for your dart board.


Anonymous said...

i like her! and she really reminds me of marlene dietrich in these pics..

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