Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look of the Day: Rachel Bilson in Red, White and Blue

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to shoes, there is nothing I find more ridiculous or more uneccessary than the clog. It's right up there with Crocs and the Snuggie. I truly consider clogs to be the work of the devil, and am convinced they are worn by all of Satan's devoted minions in hell. However (and this is a big HOWEVER), I must say that they don't look totally unfortunate as seen here on Rachel Bilson. Sure I still want to tie them to a cement block and kick them to the bottom of the Hudson, but thanks to how stylish the rest of Rachel's ensemble is, I'm willing to overlook a single shoe faux paux. For her recent stroll out and about in H'wood, Rachel paired a hip pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers with a white heathered shirt, navy fitted blazer, and loose boyfriend jeans, and accessorized with a great bold red bag. Sure the matching red clogs may be up for debate, but the rest of the outfit is great! Then again, Rachel is one little woman that is always big on style. Now if only she was big on sharing her closet. Say...with a fellow five foot femme by the name of Mrs. M???


Anonymous said...

love the outfit - hate the clogs...

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