Monday, March 8, 2010

Melanie Laurent is Magnifique for Madame Figaro

So there I was, browsing the web in search of some new fashion and editorials to bring to you guys when all if the sudden I stumble upon this: a new spread featuring "Inglorious Bastards" star Melanie Laurent in the latest isuse of Madame Figaro. Now at first I was hesitant to post this pictorial, unsure whether former SCOTW Laurent was worthy enough for yor attention. That is, until one reader pointed out a very prominent feature on the Parisian's face. Said the observer, "She always looks stoned." I knew there was a reason I loved this woman. Looking like a stoner chick is an automatic prerequisite to passing Go and collecting $200 on this site. It may gain you chastizization elsewhere, but here is gives you front row billing. Viva la Melanie, viva la France, and while I'm at it, viva la ganja. But no Viva la Monday. That is where I draw the line in the metaphorical sand.

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