Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mila Kunis is a Cute Cowgirl for April's GQ

Between the series premiere of "Justified", my love of Tom Waits, and a recent affinity for spagetti westerns, I am all over the cowgirl look like herpes on a Hilton. Although I used to hate (abhor, loathe) the scene and everything that comes with it, I've suddenly found myself obsessing over boots, six shooters, and ten gallon hats. Therefore it should be no surprise that when I peeped these pics of Mila Kunis getting all southernized for GQ, the outlaw inside of me yelled "Woooo doggie!" The actress, which was three blockbusters slated for 2010 release, looks incredible in her "Love and a .45" look, sporting a soft yet intimidating style. Besides the fact that Mila looks mahvelous, how bad are we digging the spring/summer inspired shoot? What I wouldn't give to be frolicking in my backyard in nothing but a slip and boots hanging fresh laundry out to dry! Instead it's 40 damn degrees and rainy as hell. Oh the perils of living in the land called New York!


monty said...

sweet pics...and a nice post too. Even in the Book of Eli, Mila still looked like a knockout, despite the Earth going through a nuclear winter.

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