Monday, March 1, 2010

Slacker Chic of the Month: Santigold

She's a creator, an innovator, an excavator and now, she's your Slacker Chic of the Month. Although Santigold (real name Santi White) has yet to become as popular as her good pal M.I.A., the singer/songwriter has become a force in her own right, penning hits for everyone from the GZA to Lily Allen to N.E.R.D. She's even got gigs lined up working with the Beastie Boys and Christina Aguilera for her upcoming album "Bionic". However, it's Santi's own work that really shines the brightest. Her debut album, "Santogold", was extremely well received by both audiences and critics thanks to the singer's eccectic influences and catchy beats. In fact, "Santogold" was dubbed by Rolling Stone as the 6th best album of 2008 and named "L.E.S. Artists" the second best single of the year, among other accolades.
However, fans of Santigold would be less likely to praise the singer's public appeal, and more likely to applaud her refusal to fit into a pre-made mold. On several occasions, Santi has expressed her displeasure at the music mindustry's tendency to label things, prefering not to be "a black woman singing R&B or hip hop". Instead, the songstress cites her influences as the Pixies, Devo, and Siouxsie and the Banshees-all of which are at least partially present in her work.
So to sum up, Santigold is my kind of chick. She refuses to fit into a box, makes the type of music she likes and says hell to the no with preconceived notions. In short, girlfriend is an effing genius, and should not be ignored-which is probably why you, my fine little kittens, have named her Slacker Chic of the Month. All hail Santi.
Oh, and if you have not yet done so, I emplore you to have a listen to "My Superman". Orgasm of the ears.

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Carsi said...

yes All hail Santi!!
I feel like a fiend waiting for some new music from her

sexylegsandbody said...

Some lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

HOpe your day is going to be fabulous.

Joshua said...

I fucking love this. I am a Huge fan and can't wait for her next Album.

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