Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slacker Chic of the Week: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Although I have heard the name Charlotte Gainsbourg before, I had never quite found the time to familiarize myself with the French femme. That is, until the lovely Carsi over at "If You Do It's Because I Saiso" nominated her for Slacker Chic of the Week. Then it was time to get down to business and discover what made the slacker so darn chic. The answer? Everything! From her style to her swagger to her cool European attitude, the singer/songwriter/mother/actress is the quintessential Parisian with an incredible story. Born into wealth and privilege, Charlotte is the daughter of British actress and singer Jane Birkin and French singer-songwriter, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg. Following in her parent’s footsteps, the young Charlotte first made her acting debut alongside Catherine Deneuve in the 1984 film Paroles et musique. She followed this up with a large repertoire of almost 40 movies including her most recent flicks “I’m Not There”, “Antichrist” and 2010’s “The Tree”.
However while her roles as an actress has gotten critical acclaim, its Charlotte’s work as a singer/songwriter that has garnered the most attention. In 1984, the same year she made her acting debut, Charlotte also made her debut as a singer, lending vocals to her father’s hit “Lemon Incest”. 2 years later she released her own album “Charlotte for Ever”. She has since put out 3 records including 2009’s “IRM” which was almost entirely written by and produced by Beck. The album has been Gaisbourg’s most successful to date, earning her critical acclaim the world over.
Between her family ties, her movies, her music and her unforgettable easy Parisian style, it’s easy to see why Carsi and femmes the world over continue to fawn over the Frenchwoman. So congrats to Charlotte! Her unmistakable style and smooth sound (not to mention the nom by Carsi!) make her our slacker chic of the week.


Carsi said...

she's the epitome of cool. ::Sigh::

Colette Lala said...

Worship. Worship. Worship. I just recently got an iTouch for my birthday and my first order of business was filling it with Charlotte Gainsbourg songs.

Girl, you definitely need to see the documentary French Beauty. Netflix it or something. I recall mentioning it to you before regarding Aurey Tautou. Also check out the photo shoot Annie Liebovitz did with Jane Birkin and her daughters (Charlotte and Lou). While you're at it, try to find the doc about Jane Birkin. Her life and family is tres cool beyond belief.

Colette Lala said...

Some of my faves:

Yes, beyond obsessed.

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